Teachers Hall of Fame



Teachers Hall of Fame

The Grand Forks Public School Teachers Hall of Fame was instituted in 1995.  The Foundation and Alumni Network sponsor the Hall of Fame to publicly thank and recognize outstanding and memorable retired educators who've made an impact on students.  The Hall of Fame also is a means to honor the teaching profession as a whole for its role in shaping the future of individuals and society.

Any retired educator, including elementary or secondary classroom teachers, administrators, counselors, librarians, etc. is eligible for nomination by former students, colleagues, or the general public.  Inductees are selected by the Alumni  Network Advisory Committee.  



Previous inductees

Ames, Vince Central HS science and coach 1969-03 2006
Asche, Elsie Wilder Elementary 1949-90 2012
Barker, Larry Central HS social studies 1968-97 2002
Berg, Delpha South Jr High English 1959-87 2010
Bjertness, Echo Joy Belmont and Lincoln Elementaries 1961-96 2002*
Bohnhoff, Ed Central HS history and coach 1928-66 1995*  
Bomstead, Beulah Central HS journalism and English 1923-59 1995* 
Brennan, M. Regina Central HS mathematics and home economics 1921-48 2000*
Cameron, Bonnie Gifted and Talented Program
Twining, Lewis & Clark and Viking Elementaries, and 
1969-01 2004
Clement, Franklin C. advisorCentralianCentral HS physics and algebra,  1925-41 2000*
Coger, Harriet Winship Elementary principal and teacher 1920-41 2002*
Dufwa, Thamar Central HS algebra and U.S. history 1925-54 2006*
Edmunds, Leal Central HS English 1933-69 2006*
Emerson, Derby Valley JrH and Ben Franklin Elementary principal 1956-93 2002
Evju, Arthur Central High math and physics 1942-77 2008
Ford, Joe H. South JrH associate principal 1960-89 1998
Frette, Luther Valley JrH and Central HS English 1969-09 2010
Gabrielsen, Tom Red River HS counselor and coach 1968-97 1998
Gallagher,Catherine Wilder elementary- 1st grade 1920-46 2008
Gambucci, Serge Central HS physical education and coach 1955-88 1995
Gates, Sharon Ben Franklin Teacher, Lake Agassiz Principal 1965-02 2014
Gratz, Al Central HS music 1968-89 2014*
Gray, Ellen South JrH and Central HS social studies 1954-82 1998
Haesle, Leo Central HS instrumental music 1923-58 1995* 
Hanley, Jim South JrH and Red River HS social studies and English 1961-99 2006
Hanson, Lawrence Central HS principal 1929-69 1996* 
Harstad, Clint Central and Red River HS history 1952-83 1995
Hendrickson, Florence Roosevelt Elementary music 1957-76 1996
Hewitt, J. Olton Central HS principal 1936-49 1998* 
Hill, Ruth M. Central and Red River HS home economics 1964-85 2000
Jelliff, Ted Central and Red River HS social studies 1963-93 2010
Johnson, Ulric Q. Central HS math 1958-95 2002
Johnston, Ione Belmont Elementary literature and librarian 1945-78 1995
Knudsvig, Everett C. Red River HS principal 1968-95 2000
Koehnlein, Henry South Jr Science Teacher 1930-64 2012*
Larsen, Kenneth M. South JrH and Red River HS band 1964-89 2000
Larson, Roger Central HS Math 1966-06 2012
Leach, Bob Central HS Art/Media Teacher and Coach 1967-93 2012
McMaster, Hazel Central HS biology 1920-50 1995* 
Murdock, Lee Central Chemistry and Physics 1967-02 2008
Nylund, Ruth Roosevelt Elementary- 3rd grade 1948-71 2008
Ohnstad, Helny South JrH English and drama 1950-87 1995
Oltmanns, Ron Twining Elementary music 1970-97 1998
Patterson, Dr. Florence South JrH and Central HS mathematics teacher and counselor, Red River HS counselor 1930-69 2004*
Pletan, Ernest Winship Elementary, and Central and Red River HS mathematics 1951-69 2004*
Pond, William Central HS Band 1961-88 2010
Quanrud, JoAnn Twining elementary Special Education 1964-93 2008
Rebenitsch, Harold Red River HS Chemistry 1968-99 2014
Rio, Ken Central HS biology and coach 1950-85 1996
Rolfson, Edwin Central HS English, Dean of Boys 1948-71 2006*
Sanford, Dr. Mark GFPS Asst Superintendent and Superintendent 1976-07 2012
Schroeder, Elroy School District Superintendent 1933-58 1996* 
Seaman-Spangler, Ethel Central HS history 1930-43 1998* 
Serbo, Nora South JrH English 1920-53 1996* 
Sheets, Harold Valley JrH and Central HS math 1943-64 1995* 
Sheppard, Alice Jr. High Home Economics 1961-76 2008
Sherwood, Dwight Central HS choral music 1941-72 1995*
Sherwood, Ken Red River HS choral music 1967-92 1996
Skarperud, Dr. Elton Winship & Roosevelt Teacher, South JrH principal, GFPS Asst Superintendent 1940-65 2014*
Skjervem, Arlene B. Wilder Elementary first grade 1949-90 2000
Thompson, Clarence Valley JrH and Central HS life science and biology 1962-85 2004
Travis, Dorothy Central HS business education 1936-70 1995* 
Unkenholz, Carol Central HS and Valley JrH advisor and science teacher 1947-81 2004*
Wedgwood, Mary Central HS Latin, German, and English 1925-51 2002*
Winter, W. V. ‘Doc’ Central HS chemistry and coach 1921-67 1995* 
Wolf, Glen Kelly and Ben Franklin Elementaries, South JrH, Red River HS band 1974-99 2006
Zimmerman, Dorothy Central HS speech, English and drama 1924-63 1998*
Zimney, Nancy Adult Learning Center, South MS & Central HS math 1972-07 2014
  * posthumous
GF Alumni Assoc.

Newest members


Gasparini, Kathleen                      Valley Jr. RR and Central health                          1972-13 

Sanderson, Rita                           teacher                                                              1961-96

Zick, Charles                                Eliason, Ben Franklin, Twining                             1964-05

                                                     Assoc Principal & Principal Lake Agassiz and Kelly


Jaeger, Kerry                             RR High School English                                          1978-04

Mitchell, Gary                             Lewis & Clark, Roosevelt, Century Principal             1963-04

Ronkowski, Keith                       RR High Marketing                                                  1975-16

Winger, Annella                          Ben Franklin Music Teacher                                    1981-15

The Grand Forks Alumni Association has a list of all Graduates of Grand Forks Public Schools. You can go to their website and search for any alumni. Alumni need to update their record as they move. The Asscociation is very helpful in planning reunions. As we plan our reunion the Red Cent is our first contact to get an updated list.

They also produce the "RED CENT" which is the alumni newspaper.


If you would like to get the Red Cent letter and keep up to date on what is happening in Grand Forks, go to  http://donate.gffoundation.org. Alumni can register and sign up for the Red Cent there.


    Red Cent.Interested in being a guest writer for the


                  Guest writers have become a "favorite" feature of the Red CentThe Alumni Network continues to look for additional alumni who are interested in sharing their stories, memories or observations, past or present, with other Red Cent readers.  
 If you are interested in being featured as a guest writer for the Red Cent please email the Alumni Network for additional information. 




You can nominate a former educator who made a difference in the lives of their students. Nominees can be classroom teachers, counselors, librarians, or administrators.


There is no application deadline. Your nomination will be considered for upcoming Teachers Hall of Fame Inductions and will be kept on file for future inductions.


Teachers Hall of Fame Nomination Form



Educator’s Name:


Subject(s) taught:


School(s): Grade level(s):


How this educator affected your life:






Your Name:


High School: Grad Yr.


Street: City:


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Phone: E-mail:


Tribute contribution in honor of your Nominee (Optional)


The Grand Forks Foundation for Education, Inc. is a 501(c)3


Non-Profit school foundation.


Contributions to the Teachers Hall of Fame are tax deductible.


Return form to: Grand Forks Foundation for Education, Inc.
                           2400 47th Ave So  Grand Forks, ND 58201

Who was the inspirational educator who opened doors to new interests and ideas for students?

Showed students special kindness or attention when they really needed it?

Taught skills or disciplines needed to succeed? 

Made a difference in his/her students’ lives?               

To be eligible, nominees must have been retired from teaching in Grand Forks for at least one year, and may be nominated posthumously.

Your nomination will not be affected by your donation.