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•   Jan Nikle(CHS) (Hartzell)  11/23
•   Diane Sondreal(RR) (Hilde)  11/8
•   Terry Kuntz  10/29
•   Sherryl Thompson(RR) (Kvamme)  10/28
•   Nancy Johnson(CHS) (Wysoski)  10/27
•   Tom Gilmour(CHS)  10/23
•   Al Byzewski(RR)  10/19
•   Terry Pettit (CHS) (Wood)  10/19
•   Jeff Stoa(RR71)  10/19
•   Elaine Lerfald(CHS) (Rudd)  10/19
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•   Tim Lilleboe(CHS)  12/1
•   Ken Severson(CHS)  12/1
•   Carol Hensrud(RR) (Hornaday)  12/3
•   Sandi Rude(CHS) (Marshall)  12/4
•   Vicki Bloomer(CHS) (Kolling)  12/5
•   Jim Tibbetts(CHS)  12/5
•   Richard Sheppard(RR)  12/6
•   Patti Norman(CHS)  12/9
•   Bob Miller(CHS)  12/12
•   Linda Jimenez (Collins)  12/13
•   Lisa LeBlanc(CHS) (Svejkovsky)  12/13
•   Harold Bouvette(CHS) (Bouvette)  12/15
•   Peggy Miller(RR) (Paul)  12/16
•   Cindy Foss(CHS)  12/18
•   Brian Larson(RR)  12/18
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Gf Central Gf Red River High School
Class Of 1971

Link to Grand Forks Red River Home page

 Welcome to the GF Central GF Red River High School
Class Of 1971  
Classmate views
50th Reunion coming up. Aug. 6th and 7th, 2021 (tentative date due to Covid). Please make sure your email and current address are up to date on this site so we can send you all the updated information!

Are you having trouble logging in?  Go to right hand side that has red sign in button, this site remembers you by your last email address you put in. For example you might have had your work email address or one you don't use anymore.  Put the orginal email address in and an email will be sent to that address to change it. If you don't have access to that email any more I can help change it on my end. I do not have access to your password but I can give you a temporary password to use and you can change it by going to Change password on the left side menu. Click on Contact on left side menu. Drop down menu will have Contact Us. Click and fill in your email for us to contact you. 

This site isn’t about waistlines, hairlines or credit lines...It’s about lifelines.  It’s about reconnecting with our friends from some of the best years of our lives. 

HOW TO REGISTER-  Go to  Classmates profile  and click on your name. If you would like to be a guest click on contact us. If you forgot your password hit the red Sign In button on the right  of this page and hit  forgot password.

This is the OFFICIAL website for the Grand Forks High School Class of 1971. This website is owned by our class and most of the content was created by our class. But you're only seeing a very small part of our huge site. The content is intended for the members and friends of  our class. This website is absolutely free to the members of the  Class of 1971. Your information on this website, including your email address, is not made available to anyone. We do not carry advertising. Even if you didn't make it back to the reunion, we hope you can use this site to reconnect with your friends.

  If you know where a classmate is, please share this website with them. Click on their name, enter their email address and we will send the invitation.



Please take a few minutes to visit 'In Memory' section. It would be great if you added any personal stories about our friends who have passed on.

   Here's a blast from the past!!



CHS class of 1970     

Red River class of 1970

Class of 1972            

Class of 1973              

Class of 1974             




This web site is under continuous construction, so please keep checking back for new and exciting features, information and announcements! 

 We all took different paths but every dirt road we’ve walked will lead us back to the friends that know us best.
The ones that will help you up and slap the dust off, without being asked.





Have you changed your email lately?

A bounceback is because we do not have current email information for a class mate. Or the site email is not getting through to your email.  We send out updates every once in awhile with different news of events coming up, classmates passing, classmates trying to connect with you, have a birthday or Grand Forks news.  If you are not getting this info we need to check your current info to see why it is not getting to you. I sent out a mass email to let everyone know the site is up and running. These are the classmates that did not receive it...

 Terry Austin, Patty Bohnet, Rory Cunningham, Paul Erickson, Shirley Storbakken Essary, Randy Ekren, Marshall Gravdahl, Carol Jacobson, Dianne Kube, Terry Paukert, Tim Lilleboe, Jesse Helmowski,  Gary Peterson, Mike Storey, Pam Wessel. 

Those that still have open Email such as the ones that just retired but email is still active will not come back as they are still open. 

If you know any of these classmates please send them a note to update so they don't miss something important.  Also make sure to put Larry Ferguson in your contacts with email  This is the address our class website is from.  You can also opt out if you want to.


Be sure to check out What's New.  You can share with the class what is new with you.  Public messages you send between classmates is in there and your new pictures you have added.  You can still send private messages that will not be in this area.  Just make sure you select private message.